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Riverside Pest Control Services

Riverside Pest Control Services

The gopher can be a tenacious little critter. Getting rid of gophers can include 3 methods, gassing, baiting and trapping . Gophers are a problem for many homeowners and can quickly destroy a natural grass lawn, vegetable garden, flowerbed or fruit trees.
While many property owners have never actually seen these ground dwellers in their flower gardens or on their lawns, you can see easily see the aftermath of their day-to-day activities. Gophers rarely venture far from their tunnels and spend most of their time underground, which is why most methods of gopher control involve killing them in their houses.

Trapping and baiting are the two best methods for gopher control. Both rely on timing and proper placement for the best results. Gopher traps can be placed in lateral tunnels or in main tunnels, just make sure to place them in fresh mounds.

Trapping requires patience and effort, and can be successful if you can place them correctly. Gopher traps can be placed in lateral tunnels or in main tunnels. Finding fresh mounds is key. Fresh mounds have granulated soil, are built a bit taller and are un-compacted, and the soil color is dark. Old mounds are light colored and compacted. You can trap for gophers all year round.

Poison baits can be very effective in killing and controlling gophers on your property. Your baits should take affect within a few weeks, but you may have to keep applying the bait to ensure gophers have eaten the bait and this could take a few weeks, depending on how quickly gophers find and consume the bait . Make sure to continue to check for new fresh mounds as this will be an indication of the success of your baiting.
Gassing gopher tunnels can work well if you know where the active tunnels are established and the tunnels and mounds are not under structures. Immediately cover the opening with the material you gathered for this purpose. Cover the hole so that gas is not escaping but do not tamp down the oil so much that the cartridge is smothered.

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Riverside Pest Control Services

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